Solo Piano:

Norbert Kael is a prominent solo performer. His repertoire includes contemporary pieces, originals, jazz standards, and his own compositions. He also makes arrangements from famous classical pieces. His favorite composers to perform are Bartok, Ligeti, Skriabin, Rachmaninoff, Bach, and Chopin.

Two pianos:

Norbert's diverse repertoire consists of many pieces for two pianos. He created two piano jazz arrangements on numerous classical pieces as well as composed his own original masterpieces. So far his partners have been such great musicians as Krisztina Fejes, Karoly Binder, Jozsef Balog.

Jazzical Trio:

‚ÄčNorbert's signature project. All members of Norbert Kael"s Jazzical trio are internationally acclaimed musicians. Their main profile is creating a fusion of classical and jazz styles using new approach emphasizing tasteful sensitivity. They arrange popular classical pieces into jazz keeping their original character in a unique way.  The trio blends two worlds into onestriking and yet tasteful combination.