Hungarian-born, Norbert Kael, has always been interested in both classical and jazz music. He started his musical education at the age of 7. At 14 Norbert was accepted to Bela Bartok High School of Music, specially designed for talented young musicians. Mr. Kael received his first degree at the prestigious Franz Liszt academy of Music in Budapest. During those years Norbert Kael studied with Karoly Binder and Kalman Olah.

After graduation Norbert auditioned at Berklee World Scholarship Tour and received the highest scholarship to Berklee College where he had the opportunity to study jazz with such great musicians as Laszlo Gardony and Joe Lovano. Boston audience could hear Norbert's playing in such places as Regattabar, Berklee Performance Center and of course the famous jazz club Scullers. After moving to New York, Mr. Kael diversified his musical skills by learning from such masters as Seymour Lipkin and Matti Raekallio on the classical side as well as Kenny Barron on the jazz side.

Norbert's innovative performances has already taken place in numerous countries,  including Germany, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Romania, Serbia, France, also USA, Ukraine, China, and Mexico, Egypt, and India. In Hungary, Opera house, Academy of Music and Palace of Arts are only few examples of concert halls,  where he has been giving his captivating concerts. 

Mr. Kael has received his Doctorate diploma in Music in 2020, and he has been giving masterclasses, and workshops on improvisation techniques, combining classical and jazz music. He has already visited the Royal Conservatory in Madrid, Spain,  Music Academy in Detmold, Germany, the Calcutta School of Music in India, to motivate students about broadening the language of improvisation