"Norbert combines the two genres in such way, that a third value is created by the play of highly sophisticated, sensitive touch culture, visceral feeling of jazz. The other two musicians are just as equal partners, fit into his musical world. With so many great jazz pianists, I think now  Norbert has arrived to the list of well known European pianists, in the person of a specific conception, and inmagination in music"

Jazzma, Hungarian jazz journal, May 1st, 2015

"Kael carefully picked from the most popular classical pieces, making the audience happy with his arrangements that respect the original  feeling of the piece, but in the same time creating a new vibe around them. His project must be destined to be successful"

Fidelio, Hungarian music journal,  April 28th, 2015

"what followed was simply magical. Kael and Sabri played off each other's musical styles as if they had been band mates for years.
 The duo, along with a frisky-fingered tabla player, left the audience of some 3,000 people with a sense of elation.
 Among those enjoying the show was upcoming starlet Manara, Priyanka Chopra's cousin.
 Asked if she had enjoyed the music, she said: "The fusion created by the two (Sabri and Kael) was unbelievable, these kinds of events should take place more often."

Hindustan Times, India, March 25th, 2015

"Norbert Kael, vive a New York e a Budapest. Pianista, compositore, esperto di musica classica e di jazz. Nella sua arte usa gli elementi tradizionali e moderni creando così un nuovo stile: “crossover”.
Le sue trascrizioni sono note al pubblico. Le sue composizioni vengono interpretate da solisti o in trio, ma le eseguono anche con due pianoforti. Dopo aversi laureato a Budapest presso l’Accademia Musicale Liszt Ferenc in musica classica e in jazz, ha continuato i suoi studi a Boston presso il College of Music di Berklee"

evensi.com, Rome, Feb 06th, 2015

"the personality of Norbert Káel, who brilliantly melds his jazz experiences acquired in the US with a classic Hungarian musical background"

Palace of arts, Budapest, November 20, 2014

"Despite their young age, all members of Norbert Kael’s Jazzical trio are internationally acclaimed musicians. Their main profile is creating a fusion of classical and jazz styles using new approach emphasizing tasteful sensitivity. They arranges popular classical pieces into jazz keeping their original character in a unique way. The trio blends two worlds into one striking and yet tasteful combination"

Central European University, Budapest, September 26, 2014

"Norbert Kael, concert pianist from Hungary, performing a fusion of Hungarian classical pieces and jazz, later he performs jazz standards with his mexican trio"

La Cronica Mexico, march 14th, 2014